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The Investor Ecosystem

We’ve entered the era of digital and social investing

We’ve entered the era of digital and social investing, where #stocktoks are educating investors on Tiktok, Facebook groups discuss stocks and public companies and Reddit threads are rocking markets. Shareholders and stock traders are engaging in conversations over the web and knowing the sentiment about your company and stock can help shape your communications and support your stock liquidity and price.

Investor Sentiment Report Platform

media intelligence API technology

Crawling over 13 billion web pages daily.

The Investor Sentiment Report is a hands-off simple yet powerful solution designed for busy c-suite executives. Leveraging media intelligence API technology, it crawls over 13 billion web pages daily from social media channels to financial forums and publications and delivers an easy-to-digest report to your inbox.

This insightful report can support your investor relations and corporate communications efforts.

Investor Sentiment Report

Keyword Detection

Tracking stock tickers, company names & other relevant keywords

Reporting for small to large-scale companies, all online conversations concerning company stocks are captured through detecting stock tickers, company names, and other relevant keywords.

Social. News Sites & more.

Channels Covered

Monitoring across various social channels, websites, news outlets, and investing forums to track online conversations and coverage.









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Reports Delivered

Providing the benefit of a hands-off tool, our service delivers an investor sentiment report capturing all important conservations straight to your inbox on a regular basis.

Smart Reporting. Simple Pricing

Know what people say about your stock. Receive a stock sentiment report to your inbox.

Get your sentiment report and pay month-by-month. Cancel anytime.


Monthly Subscription

Looking to get a feel of what investors say about your stock? Get the monthly subscription and feel free to cancel at any time. Learn about the sentiment of your company and stock.

  • Monthly Report
  • Stock Mentions
  • Investor Sentiment
  • Demographics
  • Top Mentions
  • Financial Influencers
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Save 25% with an annual subscription.


With an Annual Subscription

See how your stock sentiment changes throught the year. Get the annual subscription to save 25%! Your monthly report will provide insights about the sentiment of your company and stock.

  • Monthly Report
  • Stock Mentions
  • Investor Sentiment
  • Demographics
  • Top Mentions
  • Financial Influencers
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Can I get a free report?

Yes! Once you register for an account, you will receive one investor sentiment report delivered to your email. The free report will include two weeks worth of your company stock mentions.

How does the free trial work?

We do not require payment information for the free trial, and you will not be charged after your account expires. To continue receiving reports, you can subscribe to either a monthly or annual plan.

How can this report help my IR communications?

Our service provides Investor Relations teams insight into what investors are saying about your company stock. This information will not only enable you to analyze the impact of your IR efforts, but also help tune your investor communications accordingly to react in real-time.

When will I receive my report?

For our monthly plan, you will receive a report at the beginning of each month. For our bi-monthly plan, you will receive a report at the beginning and third week of each month. No login required as it will be delivered straight into your inbox.

How do I pay for your service?

We accept major debit and credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, AmericanExpress, and many other payment methods.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription by emailing our support team at any time.


people said.

'I honestly love how simple and convenient this service is. You don’t even need to login or deal with complicated softwares to get access to these insights. They literally prepare it for you and send the report to your email which I found really great especially since it makes my life much easier not having to spend countless hours researching through the web.'

'I originally signed up because of the free report. But these reports are PHENOMENAL. The insights from these reports have been helping our IR team understand what investors are looking for and address concerns to really stay on top of our IR efforts. This is a must-have addition for any public company.'

'If you’re looking to grow your investor base, you NEED this. This report not only allows us to see the online discussions investors are having about our company stock, but has also been helping us identify prospective investors and influencers. This has made engaging with investors much more effective. Honestly the most underrated service ever!!!'

'I’ve been using these reports for our executive presentations for quite a while now and let me tell you this, they’re absolutely amazing!! Not only do the reports come ready to be presented, but these investor insights are captured from so many different channels that would be impossible for us to track individually.'